9.5" Height Flex Raised Garden Bed

9.5" Height Flex Raised Garden Bed

  • Organic and flowing lines
  • Raised, curved feature gardens
  • Kitchen garden beds
  • Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking
  • Raised border edging
  • Medium height retainers
  • 9.5 inch high, 85 inch long sections (7 feet).
  • Joining plates and spiked nails included.
  • 2 mm thick, 8mm top edge.
  • Folded lip, no sharp edges.
  • Weathering Steel Edging arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first. 
  • Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area.
  • Bracing Kits sold separately as singles.
  • Required in most installations
  • Recommendation is 2 per section min.
  • Choose from large anchor post style or universal bracing turnbuckle style.

    Pre made corners are 10" each side of the 90 degree bend.

    Or make your own

    • Joining sleeves are only needed if you are cutting the edging (therefore cutting off the built in connections) and then need to rejoin the edging.


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