4" Height Heavy Duty Zero Flex Garden Edging - Weathering Steel

4" Height Heavy Duty Zero Flex Garden Edging - Weathering Steel

5.0 / 5.0 based on 4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Klindt
It’s a 10

Absolutely the best edging there is for the perfectionist.

Easy Installation and Straight as an Arrow

The Hardline Heavy Duty edging is great for those who desire that clean straight look. Easy to install, just don’t forget to order nail’s.

Matthew Dempsey

4" Height Hardline® Heavy Duty Edging

Joshua Vel
Excellent Product!

As an Architect I can say this product lives up to all of its claims. I am as picky as they come and the hardline product stays straight and is very simple to install!

  • Designs featuring straight lines
  • Small formal courtyard gardens
  • Angular tree surrounds
  • Discreet lines for Perfectionists!
  • Lawn barrier for non-invasive grasses
  • Divider between gravels, wood chips, mulch etc.
  • Lock in paving or compacted/loose fill paths
  • Low feature bed borders
  • 4 inch high, 86.75 inch long sections (7.22 feet).
  • Joining plates and spiked nails included.
  • 2 mm thick, 7mm top edge.
  • Folded lip, no sharp edges.
  • Weathering Steel Edging arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first. 
  • Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area.

Pre scored corners are 9.85" each side of the score line

Or make your own (See installation tab for video instructions)



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