22" Height Flexible Steel Edging - Weathering Steel

22" Height Flexible Steel Edging - Weathering Steel

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Based on 1 review
Debra Compton
Great product!

We haven’t installed it as of today but it seems to fit the project well. Everyone has been very pleasant to work With.

  • Organic and flowing lines
  • Raised, curved feature gardens
  • Kitchen garden beds
  • Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking
  • Raised border edging
  • Medium height retainers
  • 22 inch high, 85 inch long sections (7 feet).
  • Joining plates and spiked nails included.
  • 2 mm thick, 8mm top edge.
  • Folded lip, no sharp edges.
  • Weathering Steel Edging arrives prior to rusting occurring and appear in a black/gray color at first.
  • Rusting time after install will depend on weather conditions in your area.
  • Corners are 10 inches each side of the 90 degree bend.
  • Included with each 7' sections are 5 long twisted nails and the connectors.  Tek screws and driver bit are also included if you are purchasing the anchor posts.
  • Not included is the anchor posts, universal bracing, preformed corners and joining sleeves.
  • See details regarding bracing and joining sleeves below

    • Bracing Kits sold separately as singles.
    • Required in most installations
    • Recommendation is 2 per section min.
    • Choose from large anchor post style or universal bracing turnbuckle style.
    If you choose to go with the anchor posts are installed by tek screwing to the side of the ribs (brackets) on the back of the edging.  The screws are self tapping, and will go into the post without the need for pre-drilled holes.

    • Joining sleeves are only needed if you are cutting the edging (therefore cutting off the built in connections) and then need to rejoin the edging.


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